1. b l i s s 

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  2. oh, my!

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  3. aros:

    Pepiguari House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    I love how the space is used in this beautiful home. .

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  4. g o r g e o u s

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  5. I have started to be more conscious of what we are eating and am trying to stay away from the additives and preservatives as possible - one solution is to make your own jam! so many options to experiment with you could end up making jam of everything in your home. . This one is made of mainly oranges and a lemon and a grapefruit. .

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  6. yes, please

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  7. beautiful.

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  8. very cozy

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  9. Foldable laundry drying racks are really handy - once your clothes are dry you can put it away right? or NOT.
    I’ve noticed that I do the laundry at least 4 or 5 times in a week so that the rack is always just taking up space (in this case our entre)
    We found this portable clothes line that automatically rolls back to its socket once you’re done - well even if you are not at least it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home. .

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  10. one of my aims is to be more organized this year. . the man of the house got his tools and built this extension for us. . yay!

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