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  3. this would be nice outdoors. .

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  4. I do like brick walls. .

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  5. what a clever idea!

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  6. oh, my.

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  7. I do the l o v e the new look!!

  8. new 101 windows 

  9. w i n d o w s 

    white in the inside and brown on the outside these windows have been our eyes to the outside world. They have grown old and tired and don’t seem to keep the cold air out anymore and we have had a chilly breeze all winter which meant it was time to say good bye. .

    a few weeks ago we said our goodbyes and welcomed our new shiny windows - the same to match our happy shiny door : )

  10. It has taken me a while to post the new 101 door but here it is =)

    You could give the old door a little nudge and voila the door would open (a little scary) but the happy shiny new door is p e r f e c t.  

    We were planning to paint the door but we seem to love the natural color of the door so I think it is a keeper.

    I do like the painted glass if I do say so myself ,)